Gear shift handle

  • LED Electronic Shift Handle

    LED Electronic Shift Handle

    Product show: Description: Based on BMW 7 Series gearshift handle opening mold, applicable to 1 series of three compartment, 2 series of travel, X1 and X2.Original color display of gear indicator light. According to the original 1:1 plug manufacturing and slot 100% complete docking, using BMW OEM electroplating process and BMW original quality chrome decorative strip, seamless connection, longer life, long gloss. Leather back support, feel comfortable, every shift is like touching yourself...
  • Crystal Automotive Shift Handle

    Crystal Automotive Shift Handle

    We adopt original color, gear display indicator lamp, using crystal of BMW original quality chrome decorative strip. All the products of our manufacture are 1:1 produced according to the original manufacture of BMW.


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