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HangZhou Mankaleilab Automotive Components Co., Ltd. (Mankaleilab, referred to as "MaiKaiLa" or "MKL") is a relatively early and professional BMW series auto modification company in China. Its predecessor is Markella automotive modification studio, founded in 2007.

Mankaleilab completed the overall reform and registered on November 17, 2015, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and its headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

Since its establishment 5 years ago, Mankaleilab has always provided customers with high-quality products, comprehensive technical support and sound after-sales service. The main business of the BMW all-series interior accessories, accessories kit modification and some performance parts modification, which self-developed and produced exhaust system modification parts and crystal series kits are included in many well-known domestic and foreign portals and widely loved by car modification enthusiasts, Mankaleilab has a strong R & D strength and has multiple product patents.

Mankaleilab is continuously accelerating the innovation and transformation of enterprises, and is committed to becoming a company with a prominent main business, diversified development, global operation, and a combination of production and sales.

More than Yers

Mankaleilab focuses on shaping the brand's international reputation and global competitiveness, and by participating in global market competition, refining stimulates the vitality of deepening transformation.

Mankaleilab not only independently developed multiple patented products, but also sold the products to different countries. China's offline sales channels cover all first-tier cities with nearly 200 regional distributors; while online sales channels, Mankaleilab has successfully settled in Taobao, Tmall, Tiktok, WeChat App, and self-operated e-commerce Platform, AliExpress, Alibaba, DHgate.com, JD Overseas Station, eBay, Amazon and many other e-commerce platforms. Today Mankaleilab competes globally to serve these consumers, no matter where they are.


At present, Mankaleilab is mainly engaged in auto surround kit, air intake grille, wheel rim, exhaust, tailpipe, suspension, sopiler, original auto parts, auto interior parts and exterior parts, etc., to achieve a comprehensive product layout, to ensure the balance of economic fluctuations and sustainable growth of the enterprise.


In the process of global layout and development, Mankaleilab has deeply participated in the functional development of cooperative factories and laboratories in multiple regions, public welfare and charity, which has played a positive role in the economic development of local cities, the increase of taxes and jobs, It has been fully affirmed and welcomed by distributors in China and overseas, and has established a valuable international reputation for the brand.


Facing the changeable "new normal" of global market and economy, Mankaleilab has a long way to go. Adhering to the main line of innovation and transformation, connecting both domestic and foreign markets, and using two means of industrial management and capital management, Mankaleilab vowed to challenge itself again with great courage, become an enterprise with sustained growth, outstanding benefits, global operation, diversified development, continuous innovation and leading the times, and comprehensively complete the major transformation from "China Mankaleilab" to "World Mankaleilab".

Under the tide of economic globalization, we insist on exploring new ways of Chinese enterprises in the way of "independent management", and prove with successful practice that Chinese brands have the ability to penetrate and take root in the international market.

At the beginning of 2019, Mankaleilab broke through the concept of national boundaries and, in a sense, completely abandoned the concept of national and foreign enterprises, national and foreign markets, treating the world market as a unified economic unit, adopting the standardization of some elements of the marketing mix, and the competitive advantage of standardized operation formed by the penetration of a large amount of capital in the market in the short term, selling nearly 40 million turnover throughout the year.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, the international logistics was unable to deliver normally. Mankaleilab reconsidered the selection of market opportunities around the world, formulated a new marketing plan and allocated marketing resources. Through the optimization of the domestic market, nearly 13 million RMB of turnover has been sold in the first quarter.

In 2019, Mankaleilab participated in GT show international modification show and Frankfurt auto parts exhibition, and successfully carried out business cooperation with a number of agents in the United States. In 2020, in addition to continuing to participate in GT show international modification show and Frankfurt auto parts exhibition, it also cooperated with the teams participating in ZheJiang international circuit.



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